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  1. Next meeting: Wednesday 2nd September at c-base

    Our next community meeting is now one week away -- join us on Wednesday 2nd September at 19:30 in c-base to discuss the latest Linux Audio tech and events.

    Everyone is invited to bring their latest software discoveries and musical masterpieces (rough drafts also welcome!).

    The customary map: http://osm ...

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  2. Special planning meeting for Linux Audio Conference 2016

    At last week's meeting we discussed the current status / possibility of organizing the Linux Audio Conference 2016 in Berlin. It was decided that we need to meet again next week to make a decision regarding this, given the lack of clear answer from the potential Berlin university venues.

    We ...

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  3. Next meeting this Wednesday @ c-base

    It's that time again -- time to meet and discuss the latest Linux Audio tech and events at c-base.

    Everyone is invited to our next meeting this Wednesday, July 1st, starting at 19:30 in c-base. Grab a beer and listen out for words like "synthesiser", "bus", and "jack".

    The ...

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  4. New site, new community

    Welcome to the new Linux Audio Berlin User Group website. Bruno and Sam are in the process of setting things up for a rad new community with (probably) regular meetups.

    Stay tuned!

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