[Discuss] Linux Audio Conference 2016 (LAC)

David Runge dave at sleepmap.de
Thu Jun 4 15:20:07 UTC 2015

On 04.06.2015 14:36, Sam Tuke wrote:
> Hey David, that's a really useful list; thanks for taking the time to
> translate it. Having it should save a lot of time.
> On 04/06/15 14:02, David Runge wrote:
>> - PR, press, radio, web, etc. (might partially be done by the TU press)
> I should be able to handle most of that.
>> - print proceedings, flyer, banner, etc. (in time!)
> If I have a budget then I should be able to do these things too. For
> those three item with cheap designers I usually work with a budget of
> ~€1000 should cover it.
We might be able to print (to some extent and size) at TU directly. I
have some open quotas here.
> I could also help out with getting sponsors, but I won't take the lead
> on that.
Someone will have to, though :D
But it will be good for all of us to think of possible candidates for
> Best,
> Sam.

David Runge
Köpenicker Straße 163
10997 Berlin

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